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Fairyland of China

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Jiuzhaigou is a scenic gully in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Autonomous Prefecture, northwest of Sichuan Province.
Jiuzhaigou Gully boasts for having the freshest air on the earth. It is sunny, clear, cool in summer but not windy in winter. It is the ideal resort for sightseeing and holidays.
Jiuzhaigou Gully has been regarded as “holy mountains and sacred water” in all times by Tibetan folks. After its opening to the public, Asians call it “paradise under the sky”, and the westerners call it “fairyland”.
The entrance of the gully is 2,000m above sea level. As the altitude increases the scenes vary in continuance. The scenic serial of the gully is like a grandiose symphony, every movement rendering an unforgettable beauty.
In Jiuzhaigou Gully, almost every lake is close by the forest, which assures the purity of the water. The vast spread of forests  also present magnificent colors with the shift of the seasons. Whatever the angle is, Jiuzhaigou Gully always presents a wonderful view. It is not only the most ideal source of artistic creation for the painters, writers, photographers, and filmmakers, but also the place of romance for lovers.